Abhinav Ojha - A Passionate Digital Entrepreneur

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Abhinav Ojha - The passionate Digital entreprenuer

Abhinav Ojha - Founder and CEO of Enterstor

Abhinav Ojha - Founder Enterstor

Abhinav Ojha is a passionate Digital Entrepreneur ,blogger ,author of two best selling books and the founder of app development company enterstor.Abhinav has been in online business since 2016 and he has been running 6 successful online business as of now.

Abhinav Ojha


Best Selling Author

Abhinav Ojha best selling Books

Abhinav has written two best selling books,one is advanced guide to ASO(App Store Optimisation) with Digital Marketing and the other is Beginners guide to ethical hacking and cyber security.

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Abhinav Ojha

Abhinav Ojha is a 24 year old passionate digital entrepreneur,best selling author, developer and marketing expert.

Abhinav Ojha is a passionate digital entrepreneur whose aim is to bring as many people online and explore online oppurtunities that has gained tremendous potential over the years rather than looking for a job. Abhinav’s aim is to make Digital Nirbhar Bharat and bring as many as people online and become digital.

Founder of Enterstor

Abhinav Ojha is the founder of enterstor which is an app development company based in India.

Best Selling Author

Abhinav is the best-selling author of two books one is "Advanced guide to ASO with Digital Marketing" and the other is "Beginners guide to ethical hacking and cybersecurity".

The Abhinav Ojha Show Podcast

Listen To Abhinav Ojha on the Abhinav Ojha show on various platforms such as spotify,google podcasts,apple podcasts ,tunein etc.

Abhinav Ojha National Award

Abhinav Ojha Image

Abhinav Ojha was recently awarded “young achiever award” and “young entrepreneur award” from Indian Achievers Forum in March 2021.

Abhinav Ojha recieved the award virtually by Indian Achievers Forum.