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Abhinav Ojha is a computer Science Engineer, Indian Entrepreneur, cyber security expert and best-selling author of Engineering Textbooks. His best selling book on ethical hacking and cyber security is used as a textbook in top Engineering Institutes in India. Abhinav Ojha is widely known for his app marketing skills. He is also known as the youngest app marketing expert in the world and runs an app marketing and development company in India.

Abhinav Ojha - App Growth Expert
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How Abhinav works?

I follow a simple strategic rule for my clients's project.


Get the Project

First thing I do is to get the project and give time to my client to understand his project requirements in details.



I plan the executation of the project with my clients well and try to deliver the project with a proper finishing touch.

Deliver and Market

After delivering the project , I give marketing ideas to my clients to market the project.


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services you can dream

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My Services

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our banging team

Always by your side

Our Passionate team is always on time to deliver your project.What makes us different from other service providers is the time and effort we give to each project and to our clients.Our clients success is our success.


APP Development & WEB Development

WE provide App Development , Web development , WordPress , SEO and customizations at an affordable price.


APP Growth , Digital Marketing & PR

WE can grow your APP organically by more than 50X in three months along with branding your entire business online.

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Case Study

APP Growth Case Study

Presenting my APP Growth Case Study that generated 500k + downloads all organically within 6 months.

Abhinav Ojha - App Growth Expert
Abhinav Ojha | APP Growth Expert

Presenting the install graph of a app that generated 500K downloads organically within 6 months for a high traffic high competition keyword.From the image you can notice that I have generated close to 15000 downloads per day in the month of May.

Abhinav Ojha - App Growth Expert

Abhinav Ojha @ The Economic Times Summit 2022 | KOlkata

The Economic Times Luminary Leadership Series, in association with HSBC, organised a discussion and debate for India Inc and the government. On March 25th, 2022 bringing together Dr. Santanu Sen, MP, Rajya Sabha and Former National President & Present State Secretary, Indian Medical Association; Amitabh Ray, Managing Director, Ericsson India and Abhik Chatterjee Director, BCG Platinion, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) India to discuss, “Adaptive Leadership in the Post-Pandemic Era”.

1.Indian Achiever's Award for Young Entrepreneur 2021 by Indian Achiever's Forum.
2.Young Achiever's Award 2021 by IAF
3.International Achiever's Award 2021 by Blueberry International Group.
4.GTown Managazine top 50 Influential Personalities of India.
1.Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security (Best Seller running as text book in 6 top engineering institues of india)
2.Advanced Guide to ASO with Digital Marketing.
3.Beginners guide to start a profitable blog on blogger.
4.He was about to give up (novel)
5,Aye zindagi poems (Poetry)
6.Super Advanced App Marketing.
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Abhinav Ojha - App Growth Expert
Provided App Growth and ASO services to top clients from USA,UK and all over the Globe.

Successfully closed High Ticket Clients for my APP Growth Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's check out some FAQ's related to APPS

If a App has 100k downloads with active users close to 60k , it will make around $15 per day with ecpm of $1 that amounts to $450 per month i.e Rs 36000 per month.
Any App whose category and niche is related to high traffic keyword will result in higher installs and eventually will have a higher growth percentage.
Paid download will only work if you can retain the users inside your app.If you are unable to retain the users , you will lose money from paid campaigns.
ROAS, which stands for Return on Ad Spend, is a key metric in digital marketing that measures the revenue generated by a business in relation to the amount of money it invests in an advertising campaign. ROAS gauges how effective an advertising campaign is at converting customers and driving revenue.
Abhinav Ojha - App Growth Expert

"If You Can Dream It , You can do It"

Abhinav Ojha , Director, CEO , Enterstor Pvt Ltd.
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